Federal officials need pressure to fund for flood prevention. This would be cheaper than rescuing citizens, paying for temporary housing and clothing, debris removal, and rebuilding. They did not give Texas the $61B Governor Abbott requested. Even if Texas got the funding, the Cypress Creek Watershed has been ignored despite its tremendous population growth. We need a third reservoir, but that would require buying land from many owners, and land is quickly being developed. Since the county has not purchased a large land area for a third reservoir, we need several detention ponds dredged before spring 2018. Smaller basins and ponds could be dredged in low-lying flood-prone areas in western and northern Harris County. This could be completed before the next hurricane season and would be fiscally responsible. Some Cypress Creek reservoir or levee proposals would retain the water in the Cypress Creek watershed. That may help the Addicks area, but it would devastate the Cypress Creek area. We need solutions for everyone. 


Steve Radack e-mail: pct3@pct3.com 713-755-6306, 713-755-8928 

Ed Emmett: 713-755-8379, 713-274-7000 http:// judge.emmett@cjo.hctx.net

Main Points: 

Basic drainage maintenance in Pct. 3 (clean channels and bayous that are clogged with silt and debris)
Elevating or building new homes in the flood ways and in the 100-year flood plain 
only spreads water runoff to surrounding homes and areas, creates debris (damage), and slows water flow. Building new structures in the floodway where devastation  is inevitable is cruel and unwise.
Commercial properties less than 1 acre need detention ponds and drainage requirements.
Stop new development in the floodway, and in the 100 and 500-year flood plain.  
Stop permitting private water wells. (causes sinking)​

​FEMA definition of floodway: the channel of a river or other watercourse and the adjacent land areas that MUST be reserved in order to discharge the base flood without cumulatively increasing the water surface elevation more than a designated height  

The Cypress Creek area MUST act now to get funding for our area​​ to prevent flooding.         The Addicks area and 4 other areas are currently in line for funding, BUT the Cypress Creek Watershed has no FUNDING. This must change. Recently, I thought we had a united effort for the Cypress Creek Watershed, but West Houston businesses are trying to suppress our voice.

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Judge Ed Emmett and Commissioner Steve Radack. 

Cypress Creek Watershed Flood Prevention

Projects need immediate funding or Cypress will suffer irreversible catastrophic damages that will doom the area. Approximately 700,000 Cypress Creek constituents need immediate relief.