Digital Head Shot Special.

Studio Sitting, select your favorite and we provide you with a 300 dpi electronic image with copyright. Take your images with you when you go.

This is a limited summer special, studio hours are Sunday through Monday by appointment for our Houston or Cypress clients. Finished images can be taken with you when you go.

Is it time for a new head shot or a website image? Do you want to be ready with your portrait for graduation? Whether you need a new headshot for your website, or it's time to update your portrait, this is a great time to save and have a professional portrait taken. 

We consult with you about your photography goals prior to your appointment.

We offer lots of options for outside scenic backgrounds, with lots of trees, piers and a peaceful lake. Wonderful for the family or that special someone.

      Whether for personal or business we have the view for you at a price you can't beat.           Digital facial enhancement by request, you can watch while the work is being done. 

Call today, for more details.713-861-7844

Choose your topic, business photography, head shots, graduation photos, update your child's photograph or maybe just a nice portrait for the one you love. 

Take advantage of our limited summer savings and make a memory for business or the one you love. $59.95 Studio Summer Special.

Lee Rodriguez Photography Studio Summer Special $59.95 Photography in Cypress and Houston

Commercial photography at our studio or personal this special is a limited summer time offer. Would you like to take care of you graduation image now  so that you're ready for the beginning of the school year? Let's plan something unique for your yearbook image. With the copyright, you can make your images for your invitations whenever it's best for you. Serving Houston, since 1966 were here to provide you with quality images at the best prices. $59.95 Take the time and save with our Summer Time Special